Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Ride


Early in the AM yesterday, I decided to hit nostalgia in its core by joining in on the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Ride. For those not familiar, this ride use to be an underground race that crashed the LA Marathon course due to it's closed off roads hours before the official running race.

Local urban cyclists decided to take advantage of this and organized a grass roots race. The race quickly gained international spotlight through the short documentary film, Racing the End. Nowadays, due to the inherent danger of the race and law enforcement pressure, the event is no longer a competitive race, but an escorted ride. Regardless, it still remains a fun event to join in on.

Before living here, this was one of the first events I ever experienced in Los Angeles, flying in all the way from Florida. Luckily I was able to attend the last year it was hosted as a race at its peak attendance (well into the thousands) in 2013. Coincidentally, a few days ago I actually released a video riding around in Los Angeles with a backstory that touches base on this.

Below are a some of the very few photos I captured from yesterday's event. Sorry I didn't capture more, I was too busy having fun riding.