CityNightShift's Toy Drive Alleycat

Surprisingly, I heard about CityNightShift's Toy Drive Alleycat a few hours before it was supposed to start. Immediately, I began to call my closest cycling friends to join me in racing. I knew my intentions from the beginning and I was dead set on winning this race. Unfortunately, I could only motivate Drew Driscoll to race with me, while everyone else enjoyed the festivities.

When I met Drew earlier in the year, I noticed he was riding around on a low-quality steel fixed gear. After previously participating in another charity race with him (his first race, placing 8th out of 71 racers), I wondered how well he would have performed on a more fitting bike for racing.

Through the many life struggles thrown in Drew's direction, I could only help but admire his ability to stay positive, even after surviving and losing half his hand to an aggressive tumor. I wanted to motivate him into racing and for him to be proud of his bike. This is what led to me racing and handing over my 1st place prize for the event, a Pedal Consumption x Leader Bikes' 2013 Kagero frameset.

December has a funny way of making you want to be more selfless. It felt good to provide for a friend that deserved a nice bike and simultaneously be able to get some toys in the hands of a few less-fortunate kids during the holidays. Huge thanks to everyone involved in putting this race on.

Check out a few photos by Pedro Izquierdo and Juan Gomez below that I edited.