Ganesha Hills Circuit 3 Recap


The 3rd annual Ganesha Hills Circuit hosted by Mobbin' Monday had quite a few memorable moments and additions this year. 

The race had a newly added women's and a road bike category (which included track bikes and singlespeeds with brakes). It's great to see that the interest and good spirit of the race has grown to accommodate these new categories. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack an extra camera battery, and saved the very little I had for the main event, the men's brakeless track bike category.

The event went great until the main race (men's brakeless track bike) was broken up by local police officers. An unfortunate, but real scenario when it comes to underground cycling events. Luckily, the Mobbin' Monday crew were quick on their toes and relocated the race a few miles away for a one lap showdown.

Congratulations to Mobbin' Monday for putting together a great event. Check out the photos from the race in the gallery below!