Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Ride


Early in the AM yesterday, I decided to hit nostalgia in its core by joining in on the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Ride. For those not familiar, this ride use to be an underground race that crashed the LA Marathon course due to it's closed off roads hours before the official running race.

Local urban cyclists decided to take advantage of this and organized a grass roots race. The race quickly gained international spotlight through the short documentary film, Racing the End. Nowadays, due to the inherent danger of the race and law enforcement pressure, the event is no longer a competitive race, but an escorted ride. Regardless, it still remains a fun event to join in on.

Before living here, this was one of the first events I ever experienced in Los Angeles, flying in all the way from Florida. Luckily I was able to attend the last year it was hosted as a race at its peak attendance (well into the thousands) in 2013. Coincidentally, a few days ago I actually released a video riding around in Los Angeles with a backstory that touches base on this.

Below are a some of the very few photos I captured from yesterday's event. Sorry I didn't capture more, I was too busy having fun riding.

FWDSET: Movement Video

It's been awhile since I've worked on a video and I'm really digging how this one turned out with Dilan. Initially, this video was supposed to be just a small short clip, but we ended up getting enough footage that we decided to make something more of it. Just a fun video of me riding around in Elysian and eventually making my way into Downtown Los Angeles. Keep your eyes peeled, it's likely you'll see more projects between us in the near future.

A little back story to this: Elysian Park was one of the first rides I ever experienced in Los Angeles (before living here). It was 2013 and I had flown in with friends from Florida to race in what would be the last Marathon Crash Race hosted by Wolfpack Hustle. I was utterly excited in my bones to be traveling to a city like Los Angeles to race and ride with friends. Little did I know, a year later I eventually would be influenced to make the move out to LA. The video unintentionally plays on my experience in this city, introducing Elysian Park as the first ride I embarked on with local friends and follows through into Downtown, where a majority of my time living here has been spent. It's been a good 3 years here in Los Angeles and this video really makes me nostalgic, reflecting how much cycling has brought into my life.

Be sure to watch the video below in HD and to follow @brutal_dilan on Instagram. Let him know if you dig it! He put a lot of work into directing, filming, & editing this video. Special thanks go out to Freqnt Flyr, Road Runner Bags, AARN, Origin8, and Theo Neuman.

Kryptonite Lookbook with AWAB

Here's another look into the Kryptonite lookbook that I was commissioned for. These shots feature Louis and Juan of the Los Angeles hardcore/punk influenced cycling group, Armed With a Bike. They also happen to be old messenger co-workers of mine and it was only fitting I had both of them in on the same photoshoot.

Peep a few shots we grabbed around Downtown Los Angeles with various locks from Kryptonite's updated line. U-lock or U-lose, am I right?!

Cyclists of LA #010

District Safety removes a homeless man & his sidewalk encampment.

Be sure to follow the "Cyclists of LA" photo-documentary series and more on Instagram at @FWDSET.

REBEL8 x Freqnt Flyr Shoot by Pedro Izquierdo

I never got around to giving this photo set a post, and even though a vast majority of what I post on this site is my original photography, I like to highlight a few creative projects I'm involved in with friends.

So here's a photoshoot I had the pleasure of being a part of for REBEL8 and Freqnt Flyr around the Bunker Hill area of Downtown Los Angeles. All shot beautifully by my friend and fellow cyclist, Pedro Izquierdo.

Kryptonite Lookbook with Jonathan

One of the most fun commissioned shoots I've completed to date has to be with my long-time standing supporter, Kryptonite. I was given complete freedom to reflect Kryptonite's updated locks and brand new lights. Yet another instance where a fellow cyclist and photographer is captured behind my lens. I shot quite a few photos, so I'll be splitting my favorites into a few posts here on the site.

The above photo with Jonathan showcases a u-lock and rear light while looking down Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. I was really trying to capture the essence of an urban cycling commuter being immersed in the city, which I believe I accomplished. Oddly enough, this shot almost didn't happen and was a random snap near the end of the photoshoot. This was the most popular photo out of the bunch by far, making it's way to Bicycling Magazine, Interbike, the cover of Kryptonite's catalog, and much more.

Below are few more shots featuring Jonathan that you likely haven't seen... yet.

Serena's Road Runner Bags Mural

Serena recently moved from Oakland to Los Angeles and she did not hold back on getting right to work with this mural. Commissioned by none other than Road Runner Bags at their new DTLA store front.

I stopped by periodically throughout the week to snap some progress photos. I've gotta say, I dig the final product. If you need some art, especially for your business, hit up Serena on her site. Welcome to LA, girl!

DTLA in a Day


Here are a collection of Downtown Los Angeles shots I gathered throughout a day. An urban cyclist's playground.

Expect more street photography to make it's way onto the blog. A way of capturing the landscapes and sights you tend to notice more while on a bike.