FWDSET is a cycling culture blog & lifestyle brand.

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FWDSET was originally started in Northeast Florida circa 2011 as an urban cycling blog & event hosting platform formerly titled 904 Fixed. Since the name change, I've relocated to Los Angeles & a lot of redirection has come my way.

After years of being actively involved in the urban & fixed gear cycling scenes, I've finally found that FWDSET is essentially my creative outlet, closely tied to all things cycling, & occasionally including my street & lifestyle photography. From time to time, I will feature collaborative work with various creatives that I have directly been involved in.

Follow my journey, forever forward.

- Kirk Tsonos

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FWD: [fawr-werd] adv.

  • a common abbreviation of "forward".

  • toward or at a place, point, or time in advance; onward; ahead.

  • toward the front.

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SET: [set] noun, verb, adj.

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Photo by Pedro Izquierdo.

Photo by Pedro Izquierdo.